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Diamond care

Care and Maintenance of your diamonds

Diamonds require correct maintenance in order to preserve their glitter. A clean precious stone, not only reflects the light in the right way, but it looks bigger than another one of the same size which is dirty with fat, soap, perfume, or cream.

Diamonds are negatively affected by such factors and it is necessary to clean them at least once a month in order to keep their brilliance alive.

Ways of cleaning

A) Prepare a small casserole or small pot with a hot concoction and add some dish washing liquid. Dip your jewel in it and after a while brush your diamond carefully, with a soft toothbrush. Place your jewel in a sieve, if it is small, and rinse it under your tap with hot tap water. Then wipe it with a very soft cloth, that doesn't leave nap.

B) Fill up 1/2 of a teacup with water and the other half with ammonia. Soak your jewel in the cup for half an hour. When you take it out brush the top and the bottom part of your diamond with a soft toothbrush. Soak it in the solution again, remove it and let it dry wrapped in Kleenex kitchen paper in order to remove water salts. Do not rinse.

C) Fill a small coffee cup with a dishwashing liquid and dip in your diamond jewel. Leave it overnight. The next day you will find out that all the dirt and fat is gone away. Take a soft toothbrush and brush it thoroughly all around. Wrap it in a Kleenex kitchen paper to remove water salts.

D) CLEANING SOLUTIONS : You can find special cleaning solutions for jewelry in the market, for cleaning your diamonds.

What to avoid

1) Cleaning with chloride. Diamonds do not perish but chloride can cause color alterations, or it can cause damage to the setting of the stone. 2) Do not wear them when you do hard work. Although the diamond is the hardest material that you may find, a strong shock at the direction of the cleavage of the stone can break it. 3) Make sure that you put your diamond jewelry separately from your other jewels, since it can scratch the rest of the precious stones of your jewelry box, or even scratch each other.

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