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Design Your Jewellery

Tailor made jewellery at its Perfection! TMake the Difference! Create your own unique jewel pc with the guidance of GALLERY DIAMOND designers and master goldsmiths.

Diamond Certificate

At GALLERY DIAMOND we focus on our diamond quality ,therefore our diamonds are selected carefully following very strict inspection controls on their quality standards. Every single diamond of GALLERY DIAMOND is certified by the company's Diamond Report. Diamonds are also certified for their authenticity and quality, by the internationally recognized Certificates G.I.A. H.R.D.,I.G.I.

Ask An Expert

Would You Like Your Question Answered Personally? For information and guidance about your diamond or jewelry purchases, please use the Diamond Inventory of our Web site. There you will find our diamond experts, who can best explain the identification, grading, and evaluation of diamonds and colored gemstones. When shopping for your fine jewelry, look for jewelers who have earned the titles HRD, IGI, GIA, FGA, FGG. That means they are specially trained in diamond grading and/or gem identification, synthetic gemstones, known as enhancements, and jewelry care. Please send us your question by completing the form and, be sure to check out the News from the Diamond Industry in order to keep yourself always updated with the latest news from the international diamond trade!” If you still have any questions that are need to be answered, please don't hesitate to skype us!
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