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Custom Jewellery Process - Bespoke High End Jewellery

GD Tailor made jewellery at its Perfection!

Distinctive diamond jewelry for design lovers with the full support of GALLERY DIAMOND, Award Winner Brand in Luxury Jewelry in LLA Awards in London 2014

We are passionate about the finish in our jewellery and with great experience in design and creation of unique bespoke jewellery fulfilling our customers’ expectations.

Make the Difference!

Create your own unique jewel pc with the guidance of GALLERY DIAMOND & the support of our top designers and master goldsmiths. We urge our clients to move forward with their inspirations.

1. Your Inspiration

Share with our Experts your Idea, your Inspiration!

2. Speak Customer

Through all these years we understand your wishes, support your choices and carry out your dreams. Together we design your one of a kind jewel, worthy up to your expectations.

3. Making Jewellery

We have been creating friendship relation with each customer and that's because we take very seriously our costumer's needs and demands in order to create their very own and unique piece of Jewelry. Our top designers, the latest technology methods in jewelry production & the cream of craftsmanship, GD provides to your full service, can assure you for the final result!

4. Your Product

At GALLERY DIAMOND we focus on diamond quality since diamonds are forever, so we always consider high end finishing in our jewelry creations and the best combination of the diamond quality criteria the 4 C’s; carat, clarity, colour, cut!

We select very carefully our precious colour gems, following strict inspections for their quality standards to achieve the perfect result in combination with our diamonds.

GD creations, offer exceptional value at your gift!

Your jewelry piece is not existing in a show window of a jewelry boutique. It’s a unique creation made with you, for you!

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