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Jewellery Packaging

" Let your GD Luxury packaging Do the Walking! "

" Every YES, begins with a GD Luxury packaging! "


Our philosophy: GD Luxury packaging for people who want more!

The company invests and takes very seriously the designing of new and modern packaging and labels for GD Products. GD aims at the standardization of the profile of its products as a whole. These actions contribute to the achievement of one more goal that individualize GD from the rest of its competitors; dynamic advertising and enforcement of the brand name “GALLERY DIAMOND” and the whole range of its products. In this way, the particular distinctive title, will not only concern the company but its products as well (branding).

GD target audience consists of private people. GD ensures the on-time and reliable delivery of each order to the final destination, complying with a series of security regulations and guarantee of the product delivery.

GALLERY DIAMOND LONDON was firmed in order to expand GD Brand globally. The main target is to spread the brand name and the company’s activity in the international business world.

Tailor Made Jewellery

Tailor made jewellery at its Perfection!
Make the Difference!
Create your own unique jewel pc with the guidance of GALLERY DIAMOND designers and master goldsmiths.

Would You Like Your Question Answered Personally?

GALLERY DIAMOND is providing Gemological consultancy. When shopping for your fine jewelry, look for jewelers who have earned the titles HRD, IGI, GIA, FGA, FGG.

This means they are specially trained in diamond grading and/or gem identification, synthetic gemstones and jewelry care.

For information and guidance about your diamond, gemstone or jewelry purchases, GD gemologists thanks to their experience and studies, would be glad to be of your assistance.

Do you need further explanation for a diamond quality you selected from our inventory?

Would you like to find a diamond that it’s not listed in our Diamond inventory?

If you still have any questions that need to be answered, please don't hesitate to contact us by email at or call at 0044.20.3318 2079, or chat with a GD gemologist online!

Kind regards,

Angelika Mavridou,

Gemologist – Diamond Grader,


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