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GD About us

Our Short Brand Story

GD is specialized in Diamonds, Design and Creation of High End and Exclusive Fine Jewellery. Founded by Angelika Mavridou, Gemologist & Diamond Grader (FGA – FGG), GD established a brand name serving thousands of customers.

The diamonds of GALLERY DIAMOND have won the impressions as it is well known, they meet the high quality requirements, regarding their 4cs.

GD Diamond Report is assuring your purchase, while in case their size is equal over 0.20ct, GD Diamonds are also accomplished by the international Diamond reports, G.I.A., H.R.D.,I.G.I.

The jewellery of GALLERY DIAMOND is elaborated by the best master craftsmen in the jewellery field, meet the same strict requirements, as those of its diamonds. GD is having as an ulterior purpose its best adaptation to the modern market standards providing high end master crafted luxury fine jewellery.

GALLERY DIAMOND has exclusive co-operation with the best diamond manufacturers, and diamond brokers in the field all over the world.

The distinctive element of the company consists in its characteristic flexibility, due to the vertical structure of the company.

GALLERY DIAMOND provides solutions to its customers, in everything as far as diamonds are concerned, from the selection of the appropriate precious stone, according to the customer's desire, to the selection of the jewelry's design and its realization (Tailor Made / Bespoke Jewellery)..

GD Diamonds originate from Official Sources, in accordance with the Kimberly Law & the official United Nations Resolutions.

GALLERY DIAMOND makes your dream come true!

About Our Company

Our Story

GALLERY DIAMOND was founded in 1989.

GALLERY DIAMOND London, the Brand Expansion of GALLERY DIAMOND in UK. After 3 decades in Diamond and fine jewelry industry, GD firms in 2015 GALLERY DIAMOND London, as its Brand expansion.

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GD entered the market, specializing in the field of loose diamond grading & trade & exclusive design and manufacturing of fine jewellery collections.

The experience of many years and the appearance of GD Brand in the field of diamonds, makes it one of the most innovative and reliable companies of its kind. One of the characteristics is GD willingness to constantly develop, by utilizing the knowledge and the experience gained, in every way.

Blending & mixing the art of the design with the top of quality and the high end of technology, followed by the innovative ways of offering products and servicing customers, GD is targeting to a new way of approaching relationships with customers and leads generation.

GD's strategy is based on digital marketing, branding & brand awareness, partnership generation, including retailers, agents, alliances, affiliates

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GD Exclusive Jewelry Collections, are categorized as follows:

  • GD Diamond Jewelry: Jewelry in 18kt gold with Diamonds. Classic Diamond Collections mounted with GD Diamonds, such as Diamond Solitaire Rings, Pendants, Diamond Studs, Eternities, Tennis Bracelets etc.

  • GD Creations: The company’s exclusive 18kt gold Jewelry Collection with Diamonds or Diamonds and Gems, in exclusive Design and Creation by expert craftsmen in the field.

  • GD Trends:The company’s Exclusive Gift Collections, mainly in silver 950 or 925 white gold-plated, along with diamonds or/and precious stones. Crafted by specialized designers and craftsmen

GD is specializing also in the following field of Products, Collections and Divisions:

  • GD Anniversary Lines

  • GD Accessories

  • GD 3D Printing Technology - Tailor Made / Bespoke Jewellery

  • GD Special Editions ( Confindential - Intellectual Property Projects )

  • GD Seasonal

  • GD Luxury Business Gifts

As customers usually need to see and feel the actual merchandise before buying, customers of GD, will be able to have all the necessary information online, arranging for their personal tele meeting and design their own luxury jewellery with the guidance of GD Diamond & Designers Experts.

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GD Winner - LLAward 2014

In the Category:


Angelika Mavridou, President & CEO of GALLERY DIAMOND received the Award in a gala ceremony that took place in Langham Hotel, in London on the 29th of August!

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an International Award granted to the companies in the luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements.

An official Award of Luxury Lifestyle Awards is the Golden Crown which symbolizes luxury and uniqueness typical for this market segment. The Golden Crown is a true work of art. Covered with 24 kt gold, it is made by high- qualified jewellers manually, and there is a special design for each winner.

Only best companies and brands which meet requirements of sophisticated and demanding consumers of luxury goods and services become the nominees and Winners of the Award!


Gallery Diamond is the Jewelry Brand Winner of the "Best Jewellery Brand Nominees" at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 that has been held in Langham Hotel, London (August 2014).

GD Winner : Diamond Specialists of the Year

"The judges were impressed with GD team’s personal touch, consistency of reviews and overall attentiveness.
GD seems to go over and above for its clients and hopefully this is the start of a really successful 2021.”

GD Jewel Creation Award

GALLERY DIAMOND “BYZANTHE” Collection paying tribute to Byzantine Empire!
GALLERY DIAMOND Jewel Creation “BELOW ROTONDA’S DOME” was awarded as Brand Ambassador Jewel of Thessaloniki at the jewelry Contest “Byzantine Charm”.
The Award Ceremony organized by “BYZANTINE THESSALONIKI” took place in the Museum of Byzantine Culture in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Inspiration : Rotonda Mosaics.

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